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CcPatriot is a branch of RGBright Media and Production specifically dedicated to helping save America from those who wish to destroy our liberty, starting locally and progressively growing by word-of-mouth throughout the nation. Our main method is to target local usurpations of power with small, peaceful demonstrations of opposition. I pray that Patriot will contribute to maintaining one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Please feel free to get involved and help save your Country and your freedom.

The Patriot’s Pledge:

Before God Almighty, and my fellow Americans:

  • I am a citizen of the United States of America, and as such, I am a Patriot.
  • I am proud of my country’s heritage, and have every interest in its welfare.
  • I will seek, first and foremost, the advice of God Almighty regarding my every intention on this nation’s behalf.
  • I will defend the rights given by God to the People of this nation,and I will seek to uphold the Constitution which protects them.
  • I will boldly stand for my own freedoms, and will not hesitate to defend the freedoms of others.
  • I will not allow the enemies of Liberty to oppress me, but will uphold my freedom in the face of all opposition.
  • I will not allow the reputation of a person to hinder my discernment between Freedom’s enemies and its allies.
  • To this end, before God Almighty, and those I love, I pledge to always exhibit the character of Patriotism in my every waking moment.
  • May God so use me to this end, and grant me the wisdom and the patience to never stray from His will.


Being Patriotic: Helping Restore Freedom, One Step At A Time

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