The Official Naughty/Nice Patriot List

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The Naughty/Nice Patriot List

Interested in visiting? Businesses and Parties on each list are arranged alphabetically, excluding the word “the“. Some chain businesses may only have one participating store on a given list. Click on an underlined name to open directions.

Businesses with a checkmark have been verified in the past two weeks. The form allows you to add, verify, or remove business entries.

“Single Location” either represents one location of a chain or a small business location. “Chain”, represents all participants of a chain such as Starbucks. “Brand” represents a name, such as Coca-Cola, and “Developer” represents an entity such as Google. Finally, “Employer” is just that. Note that multiple components of a business, (such as T-Mobile), may be added.

Naughty List

  • Michael’s
    • Policies/Affiliations:
      • Gender-Fluid/Non-Binary Restroom Signage
  • Office Depot
    • Mask Requirement For Employees
  • Walmart
    • Mask and Vaccination Requirement for Employees

  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Idaho
    • Mask Policies — Public Universities/colleges
  • Empty
  • New York
    • Mask/Vaccine Policies
  • San Francisco
    • Mask/Vaccine Policies

Missing One? Add to One or Both Lists Now!

Please check for the businesses before adding them and specify location for a single participant of a chain business.

If you see a business on one list and want to add it to another, simply add it to the list where it should be transferred to. Make sure you specify that it is a transfer.

Please check the list before adding!

If a business has signs or warnings posted, but does not enforce, then they are neutral, (not on either list). If there are no signs, and no enforcement, they are in the Nice List. If there is any enforcement, they are on the Naughty List

Tell why you are adding to the Naughty List? Please only select what you have personally experienced or seen within the past month if possible.

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Patriots Know if You’re Naughty or Nice…

Businesses Note:

The Patriot Organization and Platform, and the editor of, cannot and shall not be liable for any false reports added to this list. If you are the business owner and want to dispute the placement of your business, submit a dispute. Your business will be marked with a red ❗while a community volunteer reviews your appeal.

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